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2020 Olympic Games

Red Caribou set sights on Tokyo

The Tokyo 2020 Games will take place from July 23-August 8, 2021 in Tokyo, Japan. The Men’s National Team qualified for the Olympics by way of the FIH Hockey Series. First, they won the FIH Series Finals in Malaysia in a thrilling final against the host county. This victory secured them a spot in the head-t0-head FIH Olympic Qualifiers against 13th-ranked Ireland. The two-game event took place at Rutledge Field in West Vancouver, BC in October 2019. The Red Caribou stormed back in the second match, forcing a sudden death shootout, in which they won and booked a ticket to the 2020 games.

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In March 2020, just as the team was preparing for the Games, the COVID-19 pandemic swept the globe, shutting down all hockey competitions. The COC became the first national governing body to pull their athletes from attending the 2020 Games (should they be held in 2020). The domino effect of other nations pulling out led the IOC to reschedule the Games to the current date in 2021. Now the Red Caribou are training full time in Vancouver, BC as they prepare for the Olympic Games.

With the recent announcement that no foreign spectators will be allowed on the grounds, Field Hockey Canada is committed to giving our fans the best possible digital experience leading up to and during the Games. The match schedule can be viewed below. The roster will be nominated and publicly announced at the beginning of July. Stay tuned for more engagement opportunities and stories in the coming months.


Match Result Date Time
Canada vs Germany1-7 LOSSJuly 24, 202119:00Recap
Canada vs Great Britain1-3 LOSSJuly 26, 202111:45Recap
Canada vs Netherlands2-4 LOSSJuly 27, 202120:45Recap
Canada vs Belgium1-9 LOSSJuly 29, 202110:00Recap
Canada vs South Africa4-4 DRAWJuly 30, 202112:15Recap


Timezone Calculator

-------13 hours-16 hours
CAN vs GERJuly 24 19:00July 24 06:00July 24 03:00
CAN vs GBJuly 26 11:45July 25 22:45July 25 19:45
CAN vs NEDJuly 27 20:45July 27 07:45July 27 04:45
CAN vs BELJuly 29 10:00July 28 21:00July 28 18:00
CAN vs RSAJuly 30 12:15July 29 23:15July 29 20:15


Click HERE to view the 16 athletes selected for Men’s Olympic Field Hockey Team.

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