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Field Hockey Canada Appoints Pasha Gademan to lead Men’s National Team

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December 10, 2020 | Field Hockey Canada |

Gademan joins Henning and brings experience to coaching staff as the Men’s National Team prepares for Olympic Games

Field Hockey Canada is excited to announce the appointment of Pasha Gademan to the Men’s National Team Coaching staff. Working alongside Andre Henning and the rest of the team staff, Gademan will take the lead in preparing the team as they look forward to taking on the world’s best at the rescheduled Olympic Games in Tokyo.

Gademan is a rising star of the international coaching scene and a successful coach in the Dutch Hoofdklasse, German Bundesliga and in the KNHB. Due to COVID-19 travel restrictions and other barriers, Henning has been unable to travel and work with the athletes as much as he had hoped.

As such, the organization is introducing Gademan as the team’s new head coach and will work in tandem in delivering the training and competition platform in 2021. With the global pandemic continuing to provide challenges and demand a flexible approach to the Olympic preparation, it was important to ensure the leadership is flexible in its approach to providing the optimal preparation for next year’s Olympic Games. According to Henning, the shift in leadership will offer the best possible coaching experience for the athletes.

“Our joint responsibility is to provide the team with the best possible preparation for the Olympic Games completely independent of roles and egos. It was therefore important to me that we put together the best possible people into the staff,” Henning said. “I alone cannot currently offer the fully commitment the [team] deserves on their way to Tokyo. This is mainly due to the fact that the travel situation has massively worsened, and my flexibility is not high enough. When I lead, I feel I have to be a role model.

“I know Pasha as a person and as a coach well enough. He has proven outstanding qualities and I am fully convinced that he will lead the team in the best possible way. I will support the team and the staff as best I can. We can’t wait to start working together as a team.”

According to Adam Janssen, Field Hockey Canada’s High-Performance Director, Gademan’s addition builds out the MNT’s coaching staff and adds a layer of professional support heading into a big year ahead.

“I am pleased to have Pasha join the MNT staff. He will add another dimension to the preparation for Tokyo 2021 and will be a vital part of the team. His flexibility during these difficult times will allow for continuity in preparation with the team.”

Gademan, who has built an impressive resume coaching elite hockey over the past decade, is looking forward to joining the Field Hockey Canada team.

“I am absolutely delighted with the opportunity that Field Hockey Canada has presented and can’t wait to stand on the pitch with the National Team,” Gademan said. “I realize that we are living in uncertain times, which complicates the road towards Tokyo 2021. But I am confident that we are able to set up a strong program and work closely together with the staff, team and organization to represent the colours with pride in Tokyo.”

With COVID-19 still causing travel and competition uncertainties in the coming months, the staff team and Field Hockey Canada administrators are working on setting up the best possible national team training schedule for 2021. Field Hockey Canada CEO, Susan Ahrens said the environment is constantly shifting and that the organization is adapting as able. She looks forward to 2021 with optimism. The appointment of Gademan is another step in building out the best possible support team.

“The pandemic continues to demand flexibility in order to ensure a safe and top preparation for the men’s team through to Tokyo. I am delighted that Andre has added to the coaching and technical leadership for our men,” Ahrens said. “Pasha is a perfect fit for the men and great addition to the FHC coaching team. Welcome to Pasha and thanks to Andre for his outstanding and selfless leadership.”

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