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With a large majority of national team programming occurring in Vancouver, BC, there has been an increase in national team athletes across the country moving to Vancouver for extended periods of time to centralize with their respective national team programs. Given the costs associated with this, Field Hockey Canada is introducing the FHC Billeting Program and is seeking interest from families based in Vancouver who may be able to participate as billeting hosts. To indicate your interest / availability, please complete the expression of interest form attached to this letter.

This program will be for pre-selected families to host 1-2 members of FHC’s Junior or Senior national team for periods of time during centralized training. It will only be for identified athletes within Field Hockey Canada’s National Team pathway, and billeting will only be for approved National Team training or periods of centralization. For the billet families, it means opening up their homes to Canada’s young field hockey players, giving them an opportunity to share experiences within the billet family unit, while for the player who is billeting, it is a chance to share different cultural and social experiences in a safe and affordable environment.


Billet families will receive an amount of $140 per week for the duration of the time that the athletes are staying with the family to cover food, hydro and other nominal costs. The minimum stay will be one week. Athletes will be responsible for these costs, and will be required to pay ahead of their arrival to the host family. Field Hockey Canada will manage all transactions to ensure timely payment and correct management of funds. Billeted athletes will be required to sign an agreement upon arrival which they must abide to the rules laid out in FHC’s billeting policy. A breach of this can result in terminating a stay early, without reimbursement. Field Hockey Canada believes the welfare of everyone involved in the sport is the foremost consideration and in particular, the protection of children/athletes in the sport is the responsibility of each individual, member and special interest group in the field hockey community. We are committed to being a leader in providing safe, healthy and inclusive environments for all participants, at all levels of the game.

Field Hockey Canada SafeSport Policy, Reporting Procedures and Resources are available on our website.

All billets and billet families will be expected to abide by Field Hockey Canada’s Code of Conduct.