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Field Hockey Canada – Call for Volunteers

July 12, 2019 | Field Hockey Canada |

Field Hockey Canada is calling for volunteers across the country to support the field hockey community

Are you a member of our community and want to get involved? Field Hockey Canada is calling on keen volunteers to help grow the game of field hockey around the country. Over the past 10 years, field hockey in Canada is growing and needs a volunteer base to help support the growth of the game.

Wendy Stewart has been involved with Field Hockey Canada for over 10 years as a player, coach and international referee, and speaks about the importance of getting out and volunteering in your local field hockey community.

“I love volunteering because for me, it’s important to give back in any small way to the sport that has and is a huge part of my life,” said Stewart. “I take pride in whatever I am asked to do. I think that people don’t realize it’s not about committing to endless hours, you can make a difference in many ways and that’s the beauty of finding the balance in what will work for you personally as well as the organization you offer help with. Know that you will be making a difference to the athletes and coaching staff.”

Manvir Grewal has been playing field hockey for most of his life and has represented Canada’s Indoor National Team in numerous tournaments. He is a volunteer coach with Field Hockey Alberta, and knows the importance of getting out to support your local field hockey community.

“I volunteer to pay it forward,” said Grewal. “I played many sports as a child and all sports need coaches who love playing and who can instill that in their athletes. I coach in the Calgary Junior Program, for my club, for Field Hockey Alberta and for Field Hockey Canada. I cover ages 5 and up. At every age group, apart from teaching skills, I hope I’m teaching the athletes to enjoy playing and being active.”

Grewal also explains the benefits that volunteering has to the whole team, including the young athletes, coaches and parents who look for the best experience for their child, along with the experience and knowledge that volunteers also receive.

“Volunteering not only benefits the athletes, but the coaches as well,” said Grewal. Volunteers get free leadership, decision making, time management, emotional IQ training. You get to see the hours you put into the athletes be converted into new skills. You learn new tactics and strategies and see how well you can orchestrate a team of athletes to adapt to the changes. All of this deepens your passion of the sport.”

Field Hockey Canada is always looking for suggestions and feedback from the community to enhance the organization’s programming and events. If you are interested in getting involved, please complete the below form.

Areas of Support:

Events – supporting delivery of local regional, national championships as well as international hosting

Umpiring and Officiating – supporting our teams and official’s committee

Junior Team Managers – we are expanding our junior programming and increasing the amount of travelling age group teams we have and need to develop support teams around the teams.