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Field Hockey Canada Class of 2022 – John McBryde

August 21, 2023 | Field Hockey Canada |

McBryde shines as a builder of the sport in all facets

In the Builder’s category of this year’s Hall of Fame, Field Hockey Canada is proud to induct John McBryde. His extraordinary dedication to develop Canadian Field Hockey has left an incredible mark on the sport. McBryde’s journey is a shining example of the impact a committed volunteer and advocate can have on the field hockey community.

Victor Warren, a fellow FHC Hall of Famer, says McBryde’s contributions speak volumes. “What he’s done for Canadian Hockey speaks for itself, on the field, off the field, he’s just a first class quality person,” said Warren.

Born and raised in Maryborough, Australia, McBryde’s passion for field hockey was ignited at the age of seven. “I didn’t really have anything in mind as far as the future was concerned; it just grew, and my mates enjoyed it too,” McBryde recalls. His dedication carried him through his university years at the University of Queensland and culminated in his participation in the 1960 and 1964 Olympics as a proud representative of Australia.

An Australian superstar goes abroad

In 1966, McBryde ended up going on a life-changing trip to Vancouver which forever altered his path. Instead of staying in the city for six months as intended, McBryde signed a one-year teaching contract at Langara College and fell in love with Vancouver. He’s been a Canadian resident ever since.

His introduction to Canadian Field Hockey was at the Vancouver Hawks team, where he progressed from player-coach to becoming the president by the late 1960s. McBryde climbed up the rankings and into provincial and national coaching positions. He led BC to numerous provincial championships and was on the national coaching staff at the 1971 Pan American Games.

McBryde’s legacy continued to evolve as he took on diverse roles. As CFHA Vice President in 1975 and the national team coach from 1977 to 1981, he made significant strides. Under his leadership, Canada  achieved a remarkable victory over reigning champions India in the 1978 FIH World Cup and secured silver at the 1979 Pan American Games and

Transitioning to an administrative icon

McBryde’s contributions weren’t limited to coaching. In 1984, he assumed the role of CFHA Program Director, playing a pivotal role in organizing the 1985 Junior World Cup in Vancouver. Additionally, he also contributed to the development of various turf field projects in Vancouver. This includes Wright Field at UBC and Rutledge field in West Vancouver, leaving a lasting imprint on the infrastructure of field hockey in Western Canada.

Reflecting on his journey, McBryde looks to be remembered as a contributor to the growth of the sport for players of all ages and abilities. His peers, in admiration of his work, are confident that he will never be forgotten for his role in shaping Canadian field hockey.

As he is inducted into the Hall of Fame, John McBryde’s legacy is firmly established as a trailblazer, mentor, and true advocate for field hockey in Canada. His journey serves as an inspiration to all who aspire to leave a lasting impact in the realm of sports.