Field Hockey Canada > Field Hockey Canada Hall of Fame Class of 2022 - Ken O'Connor

O’Connor blazed a trail for Canadian officials

In the officials category of the Hall of Fame, Field Hockey Canada is proud to induct Ken O’Connor. As a trailblazer and visionary in umpiring, Ken’s enduring dedication and remarkable contributions has left an incredible legacy for the field hockey community.

“This induction is probably the highest honour I’ve received for anything, to be in a national hall of fame for anything is just amazing. It’s the greatest honor I’ve ever received.” O’Connor said.

From Aussie roots to a new home

O’Connor grew up in Melbourne, Australia, and was introduced to field hockey at just seven years old. “I got introduced to hockey because it was the local club down at the end of the street opposite my house playing on a pitch, and I think it was love at first sight ever since that moment,” said O’Connor.

This initial spark ignited a lifelong passion for a game that would shape his athletic legacy for decades to come. In Australia, he played all throughout high school and into the club level before also playing at the University of Melbourne.

However, Ken’s professional path led him across the globe to Canada on a teaching contract in 1969. This then led him to a chance encounter with field hockey at Sunnybrook Park, which introduced him to the Canadian field hockey community and inspired a shift from playing to umpiring. His journey in umpiring was marked by enthusiasm and resilience. “I enjoyed it and genuinely felt comfortable from the start,” said O’Connor. “I really enjoyed umpiring and I enjoyed being coached and gradually over time getting better.”

Breaking barriers in Canada

Ken’s dedication to umpiring led to remarkable achievements that redefined Canadian field hockey. Moving the ranks throughout the years, his professionalism and dedication to excellence set a new precedent to Canadian umpiring. He umpired at the local, provincial, and national levels. The pinnacle of his journey arrived when he was appointed to officiate men’s field hockey at the Olympics in January 1984. At that moment, O’Connor became known as the first Canadian umpire to officiate an Olympic Games. “Umpiring at the Olympics is sort of the pinnacle. To be the first one was really special,” said O’Connor. However, that wasn’t the last of O’Connor’s trailblazing accomplishments. In the years to come O’Connor would officiate the Pan-American games and became the first Canadian umpire to officiate the FIH World Cup in 1990.

A Timeless Legacy

Beyond the accolades, Ken’s legacy is remembered as a symbol of expertise, empathy, and professionalism. His influence became an inspiration for up and coming Canadian umpires to reach for the stars and aim to officiate in the brightest lights. Alan Waterman, a Hall of Fame Umpire in Field Hockey Canada, described the impact O’Connor’s had for umpires that followed him.

“Ken should be remembered as an umpire who was at the top when no other Canadian male umpire was,” said Waterman. “He made a difference to everyone else coming up through the system, generation after generation.”

O’Connor’s journey continues to inspire many as his mark on Field Hockey is now cemented in history. His induction into the Hall of Fame not only honors his personal achievements but also celebrates his profound impact on Canadian field hockey. As the sport evolves, aspiring umpires will walk in the footsteps of a true pioneer whose legacy will forever shine as a testament to dedication and passion. Field Hockey Canada is profoundly proud to celebrate Ken O’Connor, whose legacy resonates as an enduring source of inspiration.