Field Hockey Canada > Men's National Team names 2018 Commonwealth Games Roster

The 2018 Commonwealth Games is taking place on April 4-15, 2018 in Gold Coast, Australia. Canada’s Men’s National Team is currently ranked 11th in the world and will play their preliminary matches against Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Scotland. Click HERE for the full schedule.

Field Hockey Canada is announcing the following 18 athletes to the 2018 Commonwealth Games official roster.


Adam FroeseALBIndia HCDEF
Balraj PanesarBCUnited BrothersDEF
Brandon PereiraBCUnited BrothersDEF
Gordon JohnstonBCUBC HCDEF
Scott TupperBCWest Vancouver HCDEF
John SmytheBCVancouver Hawks HCMID/DEF
Mark PearsonBCWest Vancouver HCMID
Sukhi PanesarBCUnited Brothers HCMID
Taylor CurranBCWest Vancouver HCMID
Richard HildrethBCEast Grinstead HCMID/FWD
Brenden BissettBCNMHC NijmegenMID/FWD
Keegan PereiraONTMuilhium HCFWD
Matthew SarmentoBCKHC LeuvenFWD
Floris Van SonBCFC BarcelonaFWD
Iain SmytheBCVancouver Hawks HCFWD
James KirkpatrickBCWest Vancouver HCFWD
Antoni KindlerBCWest Vancouver HCGK
David CarterBCUnited BrothersGK

“We’re thrilled to congratulate our men’s and women’s field hockey teams bound for the 2018 Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast,” said Chef de Mission Claire Carver-Dias. “Field hockey is a strong Commonwealth sport and the level of competition is sure to be impressive.”


Team Manager: Celia Plottel
Head Coach: Paul Bundy
Assistant Coach: Gregg Clark
Physiotherapist: Guy Robertson
Video Analyst: Paul Mounter


Adrien D'AndradeBCBurnaby HCDEF
Brad LoganBCOxted HCDEF
Harbir SidhuBCUVic HCMID
Jamie WallaceBCUBC HCMID
Devohn Noronha TeixeiraONTToronto Lion HCFWD
Oliver ScholfieldBCKlipper THCFWD
Iqwinder GillBCIndia HCGK