Field Hockey Canada > Field Hockey Canada Nationals U15 Division - Day 3 Recap

Field Hockey Canada Nationals U15 Division – Day 3 Recap

Photo Credit: Sajan Jabbal

July 25, 2019 | Field Hockey Canada |

It was another early morning for the Alberta girls, as they kick off day three of the U15 Nationals in hometown Calgary, Alberta. They are taking on the B.C. Stags, who lost their first game against Ontario Central. Alberta was hoping to bounce back after their tough 8-0 loss against the B.C. Rams, and although they played much better than last game, the Stags’ strong defence favoured to be too much for Alberta, and they were ousted 4-0.

The second game was a boy’s matchup between two undefeated teams, Quebec and B.C. The game was tense throughout, with the momentum switching back and forth. B.C. were able to take advantage of their chances, scoring two goals to win the game 2-0. Quebec had their chances, but B.C. goalie Samuel James was able to stay on top and make some massive late fourth quarter saves to keep the lead for his team. After that featured PEI taking on Ontario East in a highly anticipated match for both teams. Coming off two loses in a row, both Ontario East and PEI look to get an important win to give them a win going into their final group stage games. Ontario East was pouring on the offence today, but PEI managed to respond after every goal, and the game ended in a breathtaking 4-4 draw.

B.C. Rams were able to pull together a big win against Ontario East, while Ontario West outlasted the B.C. Stags to win 2-1.

The final game was a Boys matchup between Alberta and Ontario. Ontario was able to get on the board early in the first quarter and kept the pressure coming, but Alberta was able to bounce back in the second quarter to tie the game up before halftime.

The players, coaches, organizers, and volunteers have the opportunity to come together at the U15 Nationals Banquet, which will consist of fun games, activities and food which gives the players a chance to take a rest, have some fun, and get to know the players from the other teams.


Coach of the Day

Kevin Watson – Alberta (M)


Playing Career – Started playing in South Africa, represented the Junior Canadian team in Holland and the United States.

Coaching Career – First tournament as a Provincial Coach.

Best coaching moment? – Watching the players evolve and become better athletes.