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Field Hockey Canada Team of Teams

February 10, 2021 | Field Hockey Canada |

Field Hockey Canada launches Team of Teams initiative

Field Hockey Canada is formally launching our Team of Teams movement. The purpose of the Team of Teams initiative is to connect our Canadian hockey community. It is an approach to how we are structured, how we operate and how we live our values. It recognizes that we are united by the sport that we love and can accomplish amazing feats while working together.

The approach has been adopted following the recommendations of the 2020 system review and report which was led by Markus Weise. The report highlighted the benefits that will be gained by developing a system which connects and unifies our programs and community. Over the past year, Field Hockey Canada has made significant advancements and led initiatives to encourage togetherness and connectivity.

“Our hockey community is rich in culture, diversity, fun, talent and expertise.”
– Susan Ahrens 

Field Hockey Canada’s vision is to inspire, develop, perform, promote and govern exceptional, positive and fun field hockey experiences in Canada. It is also to create a world class system towards sustained international podium success. We recognize that all our communities across the country are important to and part of the greater whole which is the system. We will be using ‘Team of Teams’ as a brand, as a structure and as a campaign to connect and unite the whole community. The Team of Teams slogan will continually remind all of us that we are all working together towards common goals.

Susan Ahrens, Field Hockey Canada CEO, says Team of Teams perfectly encapsulates who we are and what we stand for.

“One of the best and most enjoyable elements of our sport is that it is a team sport. Team sports are a catalyst for social gatherings where we learn the values of working together towards a shared vision and common goals,” Ahrens said.

“My experience of our hockey community is that it is rich in culture, diversity, fun, talent and expertise across all areas from national teams through our volunteers and supporters, to our grassroots umpires and parents,” she said. “Everywhere I look I see special qualities and special people. By adopting a Team of Teams approach we will embrace all qualities in an inclusive way and work towards the vision of raising standards and quality of experience of our sport; for a better now and a better tomorrow.”

The Team of Teams initiative will connect committees to provinces to clubs and participants. It is a thread that joins together national teams to grassroots to professional staff to our local heroes who volunteer their time. Field Hockey Canada will build through this approach, by focusing on initiatives that will enhance our fundraising, organizational structure, group culture and deliverables at all levels.

Field Hockey Canada plans to highlight all of our amazing teams throughout the year. You can look forward to special celebration weeks as well as consistent and thorough coverage of our fantastic national teams as they prepare to take on the world.

How can you help build our Team of Teams?

Get Involved as a Volunteer

Over the past 10 years, Field Hockey Canada’s programs and services have continued to grow throughout the country. We are in search of community members like YOU, to join our volunteer team to help support this continued growth. If you are interested in making a difference in our sport, while simultaneously gaining great leadership experience, then we have a position for you.


Donate to our programs

Field Hockey Canada is responsible for developing and strengthening the sport of field hockey at all levels, from grassroots to high performance, across the country. Our athletes range from juniors to masters, competing both recreationally and competitively. Together, we are a team of 10 Provincial Associations, 1,471 Coaches, 383 Officials, over 10,000 athletes and countless volunteers, who work tirelessly to create a strong field hockey community dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in sport. By donating to Field Hockey Canada today, you can support the programs and services that are offered by and to the teams that make us who we are!


Stay connected and engage in our celebratory weeks

Have a fantastic community volunteer you hope to profile? Want to highlight an umpire or coach in your region? Get in touch with Field Hockey Canada and plan your communications alongside our celebration weeks. A full schedule will be posted in the coming weeks.

Stay connected and join Field Hockey Canada’s Mailing List

Are you a club or provincial representative? Reach out to our contact group below and request to be added to our Club and Province outreach mailing list.

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