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Dr. Sue Neill (Builder)

For more than fifty years, Sue Neill has been involved in the sport of field hockey in one way or another.

Her impact on the sport over that time has been tremendous not only in Canada but internationally as well.

A former president of the Canadian Women’s Field Hockey Association, Neill is also an honorary member of the International Hockey Federation (FIH) and Pan American Hockey Federation (PAHF).

Her time spent as President of the Canadian Women’s Association starting in 1974 was instrumetnal in the growth of the sport in Canada, and was key in the success the women’s program would have in the immediate future.

A former member of the FIH executive board and PAHF board of directors, Sue was and continues to be an ambassador for Canadian field hockey worldwide.

The result was a lengthy career in field hockey, in which she paved a path for many others to enjoy the sport.

Congratulations to Sue Neill on her induction into the Field Hockey Canada Hall of Fame.



  • Former Women’s National Team Coach
  • Former President of the Canadian Women’s Field Hockey Association
  • Honorary Member International Hockey Federation (FIH)
  • Honorary Member Pan American Hockey Federation (PAHF)
  • Former member of the FIH Executive Board
  • Former member of the PAHF Board of Directors