Field Hockey Canada > Job Opportunity: Field Hockey Alberta is hiring a High Performance Coach

Field Hockey Alberta is hiring a full-time High Performance Coach. See below for the details.

Position: High Performance Coach FHA / University of Calgary Varsity team coach

Reporting to: The Executive Director & FHA Executive

Contract Duration: February 1, 2018 – Feb 1, 2020

Salary: Commensurate with experience.

Hours: This is a full-time position on a two-year contract. It is a requirement of the job that some of the basic hours be filled during weekends & evenings. Some travel will be necessary at the provincial, regional and national level.


Duties & Responsibilities

Athlete Training and Program Development

  • To design and implement training and competition programs for provincial level athletes.
  • Provincial team program coaching duties and travel to National Championships if necessary.
  • Facilitating high performance camps for provincial athletes.
  • Facilitating the delivery of developmental programs at provincial and regional levels.
  • Promote and be an ambassador for field hockey within Alberta.

Coach Training and Support 

  • To develop, implement, and facilitate a regional coach education and mentorship program for the province of Alberta.
  • Attend meetings, as required, to represent the high performance and coaching aspects of field hockey within and outside the association.
  • Complete and participate in professional and coaching certification opportunities through Sport Canada and Field Hockey Canada when available.

Administration and Organization 

  • Create and implement a two-year plan with the direct support of the High Performance Committee
  • The development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of a comprehensive integrated performance 
model which ties in with the Long-Term Athlete Development Strategy as developed by Field Hockey
  • Create a regional training model that can be utilized in all centers in Alberta.
  • Preparation of reports, plans or documents as required by the Executive of Field Hockey Alberta.
  • Others Duties as required.

Preferred Qualifications: 

  • Proficient in coaching both Field Hockey and Indoor Field Hockey
  • Experience in the creation, implementation and evaluation of multi-year development plans for grass roots 
through to Provincial (or equivalent) Team programs.
  • Ability to develop coaches and assist with the implementation of our coaching program.


All individuals that have a passion for field hockey are encouraged to apply by sending a full coaching CV together with a cover letter and a minimum of three (3) references to