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Field Hockey Canada is excited to announce the launch of ‘Join our Journey’ sponsorship campaign. The initiative is inclusive of the entire Canadian field hockey community and gives organizations and companies the opportunity to join Field Hockey Canada on the journey to international success at all levels. 


As an amateur sport, our field hockey athletes and teams are supported by an incredible local field hockey community. As athletes we work with our team’s staff to raise funds to support our national team program costs at all levels. We do so while juggling work, study and high-performance training. We do this because we love to compete internationally and achieve our shared goals for Canada. It is our honour.  

With your support as part of our team, we can achieve even more and in doing so amplify your voice and business too through our local, national and international communities. 

If your organization would like to join our team today, simply complete the form below: 


Contribution Options:  

  • $1000.00 
  • $2000.00 
  • $3000.00 
  • $4000.00 
  • $5000.00 

Contribute one time or commit to contributing for up to five years. For donations of different sums, please contact Field Hockey Canada directly. 

Sponsor Benefits 

  • Access to national team athletes: appearances, promotional events and leadership expertise. 
  • National team athlete will make 1-4 appearances with your organization.  
  • Branded content & marketing on the national Field Hockey Canada website and social channels.  
  • Monthly exposure to national community in newsletter and on media shoutouts

Field Hockey Canada’s Success Story 

Our national field hockey teams have achieved phenomenal success over the years. We have made Canadian history with our most recent junior achievements, where we qualified for back-to-back Junior World Cups in both genders and won our first ever junior continental championship in 2021. Our Women’s National Team competed in the 2022 Hockey World Cup, qualifying for the first time in 28 years. They also placed fifth at the last two Commonwealth Games, the highest a Canadian team has finished. Our Men’s National Team continue to deliver at the international level, by qualifying for the 2016 and 2020 Olympic Games. Both National Teams are the current Pan American silver medal holders. Our Masters Over-60 Men’s Team achieved top five at the Masters World Cup last year. These successes have been possible because of the extraordinary people who are a part of our teams and the extraordinary community wrapped around in support.