Field Hockey Canada > Men's National Program 2016 carding camp information

The Men’s National Program (MNP) will be hosting a carding camp for the upcoming 2016 carding cycle. The camp will be held in Vancouver, British Columbia over three consecutive weeks in October.

The purpose of the Camp will be to identify athletes to be nominated for the Sport Canada Athlete Assistance Program (i.e. to become Carded Athletes) for 2016 Senior and Senior Development Squads. The camp will take place at the University of British Columbia’s Wright Field, Tennis Bubble, and Fortius in Burnaby.

To be eligible for carding, athletes must

  • Be a Canadian Citizen and have a valid Canadian Passport.
  • Attend the fitness testing session on October 12th.
  • Attend a minimum of 3 turf training sessions.

The sessions are as follows

Program information sessions

  • Oct 16th – 6:00pm, FHC office, UBC
  • Oct 23rd – 5:00pm, FHC office, UBC

Testing sessions

  • Oct 12th – 10:00-1:00pm, Tennis Bubble, UBC. Fitness
  • Oct 19th – 4:00-8:00pm, Fortius, Burnaby. Strength.

Turf sessions

  • Oct 13th – 6.30am-9am.
  • Oct 14th – 7.30am-10am.
  • Oct 15th – 7.30am-10am.
  • Oct 16th – 4:00pm-5pm. Fitness running.
  • Oct 20th – 6.30am-9am.
  • Oct 21st – 8.00am-10am.
  • Oct 22nd – 6.30am-9am.
  • Oct 23rd – 5:00pm-6pm. Fitness running.
  • Oct 27th – 6.30am-9am
  • Oct 29th – 7.30am-10am.
  • Oct 30th -6.30am-9am.

There will be a levy of $100 for athletes who are not currently identified on the Senior or Senior Development Squads. Payment must be received prior to your first session. Cash, e-transfer or a cheque made out to Field Hockey Canada will be accepted. Out of town athletes are responsible for their own transportation, accommodation and meals. Please use your own network to obtain billets. Vancouver based athletes; your support with helping facilitate this will be greatly appreciated.

If you are an athlete not currently identified on the Senior or Senior Development Squad please express your intent to attend the camp by registering, no later than October 10th by using the following link

Please make sure to indicate on which testing and training sessions you will be attending.

Any questions pertaining to the camp can be directed toward Anthony Farry (, Program Director and Head Coach of the MNP. If you are unable to attend for any reason but still wish to be considered, please contact Anthony Farry.