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A letter from the Red Caribou

December 6, 2019 | Field Hockey Canada |

Men’s National Team pens open letter to community

Dear Friends, Family and Supporters Worldwide,

Wow. What an exciting few months it’s been. After losing in the Gold-Medal Game at Pan Ams, we knew we only had one shot left to qualify for Tokyo. We knew it wouldn’t be easy and this new qualification system was different for all of us, but being the higher-ranked team meant that we would be able to play these games here in Canada. We all recognized how important the home-field advantage would be, but no one quite understood how much of a difference our home crowd would make. Many of us still can’t quite believe what actually happened and we often find ourselves looking through the photos to relive the glory.

The weather showed up for us on that fateful weekend in October, and so did you. The crowd was buzzing, the drinks were flowing and the chants were heard all around the pitch. Months of  hard work and preparation had gone into this series, but being able to play it here in West Vancouver made it that much more special. As a team, we can’t thank our supporters enough. Whether you were one of the ~2000 people cheering in the crowd each day or you were watching at home, we truly couldn’t have done this without you! A special thank you also goes to the photographers around the pitch and to the CBC for capturing the event so well. 

Please stay tuned as we have a busy year ahead of us with lots of exciting things planned! We appreciate your continued support by following us on social media and in the community. Now it’s time for the hard work to really start with only 232 days until the Olympics start!


The Red Caribou