About the Team

The story of the Men’s National Team is filled with a rich, historical legacy that dates back 57 years to their first appearance in the 1964 Tokyo Olympic Games. These generations of field hockey players have accomplished many feats making 14 Pan American Games appearances, winning four Pan American Games gold medals and attending eight Olympic Games.

Our team today, consisting of roughly 25-30 players have continued to build this legacy, through our ambition and dedication to the sport. Having now participated in two back-to-back Olympic Games, 2016 in Rio and 2020 in Tokyo, we are setting our sights on Paris 2024 to make program history for three consecutive Olympic qualifications in a row.

Before heading to the biggest international event of our 4-year cycle, we have a busy journey ahead. With perhaps the greatest number of international caps to occur in one year, 2022 will be a hectic season for us. From the Pan Am Cup to the FIH Pro League matches, to the Commonwealth Games, we will be travelling across the globe non-stop to represent Canada on the world stage as your Red Caribou.

We want YOU to join our Herd! Many of us who come from the vast, Canadian field hockey community, want to engage and connect with our family, friends, clubs, schools, fans and supporters. We believe that together we can unite as one to help each other achieve greatness and show the world the true strength of Canadian hockey. We want YOU to share the glory and successes we as a nation plan to reach.

For more information on the Men’s National Team Roster visit their Team Page.

About the Competitions

Thanks to your support, we earned a bronze medal at the Pan-American Cup 2022, defeating the USA in a gritty third place performance. The next stop on our journey is the Commonwealth Games 2022, set in Birmingham, England from July 28th – August 8th.
“I think we all felt like we let an opportunity slip by; we didn’t play well enough to get that World Cup ticket. But we have a lot of new faces playing really well and developing that experience at this level. We have to keep the momentum up moving forward in our training environment. We have a lot to look forward to this year, we have to keep our program supported and keep our sights on the next event.” – Gordon Johnston (Defender)
We still need your help to keep this journey going and we invite you to be a part of it. For more information on the Commonwealth Games check out their Event Page.

About the Fundraiser

This is where you come in…

Since our program is largely dependent on funding sources from the government, sponsors and donors, we focus time not only on our training efforts but fundraising to help off-set the costs required to adequately participate and prepare for our competitions.

Through this new, annual giving campaign, we aim to raise $100,000 within the next year and will be providing fun, community engagements or activities along the way, to connect with our network of supporters and show our appreciation for everything they do. Every time the community hits one of our milestone markers, they will have a chance to get up close and personal with us. Donate today to join our Herd for a year of community givebacks and fun!

For those giving large sum donations ($1,000 or more) we encourage you to please download the charitable donation form here and contact Field Hockey Canada directly to process your donation. Hailey Yhap (Membership Engagement Coordinator) – events@fieldhockey.ca  THANK YOU!

PLEASE NOTE: FHC fundraising goes towards the program. FHC nominated athletes and registered participants are on-boarded by FHC to enable FHC to collectively leverage our entire community network to support FHC programs. We use this platform to help raise funds for the program or event, for example, Masters, Junior Men’s National Program, Women’s National Program, Junior World Cup, Senior World Cup etc. In accordance with legislation, all funds raised for the program, stay within the program / event for which they are raised and cannot be transferred to another program or to any individual.

We thank you for believing in us and joining us on our journey!