Field Hockey Canada > National Volunteer Week - Feature Volunteer Alison Sweeten

Field Hockey Canada is celebrating National Volunteer Week from April 19-25. This week, we will feature a few volunteers from across the country. Thank you for the many nominations from your communities. We are thrilled to have such a terrific cast of volunteers and staff from coast-to-coast. Please enjoy our National Volunteer Week series!

Written and assembled by Joshua Rey


Today’s featured volunteer is Alison Sweeten of Victoria B.C. Sweeten is a dedicated and committed volunteer all over Vancouver Island. She takes on UM duties when necessary, works events of all levels, volunteers as an umpire, community mentor and tournament organizer. 

Field Hockey Canada: How did you get into Field Hockey? Walk me through your introduction to the sport? Who or what introduced you and when?

Alison Sweeten: Grade 8, My PE teacher encouraged me to play on a junior team coached by Donna Shannon in the Port Alberni Ladies league.

Field Hockey Canada: Why field hockey? What makes field hockey so special?  

Alison Sweeten: It is a sport which has a strong component of women leaders in all aspects of the sport.  Coaches, administrators, umpires, technical officials and players have a high percentage of women in command which was great to see growing up in the sport. Also, it’s not just a young person’s sport – teams are composed of players with a wide variety of ages who all contribute to the success of the team. 

Field Hockey Canada: What motivates you to volunteer?

Alison Sweeten: All of the positive role models I had as I grew up instilled the value of volunteering. It is about making the community you live and work in be the best it can be. I see high school coaches working to create a team and a competition, so it is important that I umpire those games to support their volunteer work.

Field Hockey Canada:Who is a role model in the community for you? Basically who motivates you and pushes you to volunteer?

Alison Sweeten: Many people have made an impact upon my field hockey career, but if I had to name three  who made a lasting impact they would be Jenny John, Pat Hall and Dennis McGeachy.

Field Hockey Canada: What is your favourite part about giving back to the field hockey community?

Alison Sweeten: Seeing the wide variety of people that I have met over the years. When I help out, I feel like my efforts are appreciated by the community. Coaches, players, parents and administrators have shared their appreciation over the years. If my work can help one person have a better day due to field hockey, then that is all I need.