Field Hockey Canada > National Volunteer Week - Feature Volunteer Christa McAlduff

Field Hockey Canada is celebrating National Volunteer Week from April 19-25. This week, we will feature a few volunteers from across the country. Thank you for the many nominations from your communities. We are thrilled to have such a terrific cast of volunteers and staff from coast-to-coast. Please enjoy our National Volunteer Week series!

Written and assembled by Joshua Rey

Christa McAlduff Q and A

Today’s featured volunteer Christa McAlduff of Summerside, PEI where she coaches the SIS Under 15 team.

Field Hockey Canada: How did you get into field hockey?

Christa McAlduff: I started playing field hockey in junior high school in 1987 and loved the sport immediately. It was a new sport for me but I enjoyed how quick and aggressive the game was. The sport at that time was played much differently than it is today. We only played on grass fields and at times the grass was long, making it more difficult and challenging. If you could run fast and dribble the ball in grass the sport was for you.

Field Hockey Canada: What motivates you to volunteer?

Christa McAlduff:  What motivated me to volunteer was my own daughters but once I started it became more than about my own girls but about all teenage girls. I noticed that this can be a very important time in their lives and with the choices they make. I see that many teenage girls lack self esteem and need help to build self confidence and when coaching teenage girls in a very competitive sport this can be a balancing act. The very way you speak with and to teenage girls can leave a lasting impression on them whether it be a positive or negative. I have seen the difference in teenage girls from the start of a season with low confidence to end the season with great confidence. They need to know a coach believes in them and then in turn they will believe in themselves. 

Field Hockey Canada: What role does volunteering play in your life?

Christa McAlduff: Volunteering has become very important to who I have become and give back whether it be in the community with sports, my work or my church. It takes a community of volunteers to help build our youth. 

Field Hockey Canada: What are some challenges when it comes to volunteering?

Christa McAlduff: Some challenges with volunteering is the time especially with all the other demands one has for example family and work. 

Field Hockey Canada: What is your favourite part about giving back to the field hockey community?

Christa McAlduff: Is to bring this amazing sport to the youth. All the youth that I have coached had never played field hockey before until they played with me and after three years playing on my team and they moved up to high school and they continue to play field hockey.