Field Hockey Canada > Nationals 2023 FAQ


Is the dress code for the tournament social formal? 

No formal wear is required, but you are welcome to dress up if you would like. We will have a themed social. This year it is neon colored theme, and each province will be assigned a fun bright color, which they are encouraged to wear. For the U18s we encourage wearing white with a splash of your designated colour and for the U16s we encourage wearing a t-shirt of your designated colour.  

Orange – AB 

Yellow – BC 

Pink – ON 

Blue – QC 

Green – PEI & NB 

Are there any other events during the day that the athletes should attend? Other than watching games? 

No other events. We will have a little lounge on site with lawn games they can play at the field. We will also have tourist attractions we recommend in our program. 

Will there be photos available to be saved from Nationals?  

Yes, there will be photos posted on our Facebook page for athletes, parents and coaches to save on their personal devices.  

Will there be merchandise, apparel and equipment for purchase at the event location?  

Yes, our apparel partner Indian Maharadja will have limited items for purchase with the National Championships logo branding. Our partner will also re-open their online store post Nationals for you to make additional purchases, in case you missed out on the June pre-order or the sales during the event.  

There will also be local community vendors present selling field hockey apparel and equipment.  

Will there be water/ice available on the field?  

Yes, we will have water and ice available on field.  

Will there be athletic therapy help available at the field?  

Yes, we will have two on-site athletic therapists at all times. They will have a designated off-field tent, as well as an on-field tent to support with injuries, pre, during and post games.  

What are the rules of play? Duration of games? Regulations on equipment/Uniforms? 

Check out the Tournament Regulations for more information on rules, game duration etc.


Can you tell me if there is a daily admission to the games? a week pass?  If so, do they need to be preordered?  

There is no admission to attend National Championships. All are welcome to watch the games for free.  

Can parents attend the opening ceremony? Is there a cost?  

The Opening Ceremony celebrates the teams and start of the competition, all are welcome to attend. There is no cost associated with attendance/ spectating. 

Is the tournament social just for athletes and coaches?   

The tournament social is just for the athletes, coaches and officials. 

Where can I find the schedule and results for each game?  

The schedule can be found on the FHC website, on the National Championships 2023 page. We will update the results there on a daily basis. Live box scores, results and rosters can be found via the Altius link on our National Championships 2023 web page as well.  

Will there be any concessions on site?  

There is a concession in Cassie Campbell Community Centre. In addition, across the street from the Community center there is a plaza with Tim Hortons, Subway, FreshCo and more.  

TBD – we are hoping to have on site food vendors but not yet finalized. 

Will there be washrooms on site?  

Yes, there are bathrooms on site in the Cassie Campbell Community Centre.  

Will the games be Live Streamed?  

Yes, the games will be Live Streamed on the Veo Live App. Instructions on how to view the Live stream can be found on the FHC website on the Nationals 2023 page.  

How will the tournament be affected by extreme weather conditions? 

To read about what will happen in extreme weather such as thunderstorms, extreme heat and poor air quality please download our Emergency Action Plan