Certified umpires enjoy the credibility of the field hockey community and of the athletes they officiate because they have been observed and evaluated “doing” what is required of them as a competent official in their sport.  They are recognized as meeting or exceeding the high standards embraced by the member clubs and provincial branches in Canada.  Fostering confidence at all levels of field hockey, certification is a benefit shared by athletes, parents, sport organizations and our communities.

For a list of current appointments and information on Canadian officials, click here: OFFICIALS APPOINTMENTS

LevelSkill Level
CommunityIntroductory level: For youth, high school, and low-level hockey
ProvincialIntroductory level:u00a0 For local/club competitive and junior provincial level
RegionalPremier club hockey and junior national/regional championships
CanadianSenior national championships/university hockey and international test matches
Provincial IndoorIntroductory level: For local / club competitive and junior provincial level indoor matches

Where do I start?

Any person who has never held FHC Umpiring Certification is required to start at either the Community or Provincial level, then progress.  Your local umpiring contact should also be able to advise you.


This is a good option if you are new to the sport or interested in umpiring your local junior high, high school or lower level leagues.  The course will cover basic rules, communication tools and practical scenarios that you may experience.  It will teach you how to deal with situations and facilitate the game. FHC and our Officials Committee work with our Provincial members and International partners to develop up to date courses. We are moving to get these online and fully accessible where possible. The community course is now online and can be ACCESSED HERE.


If you are interested in umpiring towards a higher level – you should begin here.  The course will cover the rules, communication and game management tools, and theoretical and practical scenarios you may experience.

Umpiring Courses

There are three levels of umpiring courses.  1) Community  2) Provincial  3) Regional

There is now a Provincial and Community Indoor Umpiring Course.

To find out when the next clinic will be offered in your area, contact your Provincial Association (link to Provincial Associations page).

Course Material

The Course Material is available electronically.  PSOs and qualified course conductors can email Susan Ahrens to obtain a copy.  There is a $5 charge to Field Hockey Canada per participant.

The material has been updated. Contact Susan Ahrens for the new Dropbox location.

Umpire Development Model – Outdoor

MINIMUM AGE13+13+13+13+
EXAM FORMATCommunity course (w. practical) min. 4hr; Multiple choice exam6hr Provincial course; written / multi-choice exam5hr Regional course; written / multi-choice examOral presentation & discussion of set questions
QUALIFICATION CRITERIA75% Exam; 1 Field Assessment75% Exam; 2 Field Assessments80% Exam; 2 Field AssessmentsPass oral presentation; give presentation at Com./Prov./Reg. Clinic; 2 Field Assessments
LEVEL OF PLAYU12, U14, U16 lower lever club & schoolLocal / Club competitive, U18 & below Provincial ChampionshipsPremier & Div. 1 Club, U21 & U18 National & Regional ChampionshipsCIS & Senior National Championship or International Tours
DURATION4 Years4 Years4 Years4 Years
RENEWAL PROCESS (before expiration)1 Field AssessmentRules Update, and
2 Field Assessments by two
different Assessors
Rules Update, and
2 Field Assessments by two
different Assessors
Rules Update, and
2 Field Assessments by two
different Assessors
REQUIREMENTS TO MAINTAINMinimum 8-10 matches/yearMinimum 10-12 matches/yearMinimum 12 matches/year; Pass 1 annual match assessmentMinimum 15 matches/year; Pass 2 annual match assessments
PHYSICAL FITNESSAdequate fitness levelAdequate fitness level according to PSO standardsAnnual Beep Test as per FIH standards according to age at National Championship or organized by PSO.Annual Beep Test as per FIH standards according to age at National Championships

Hosting a National Championships

For reference, here is the Field Hockey Canada 2018 Tournament Regulations


Umpires with certification from outside of Canada, may be eligible for an equivalency rating if:

· An Individual can provide evidence of valid credentials from another country (credentials granted in the last three years), and

· Appropriate equivalency with Field Hockey Canada ratings determined in consultation with the Field Hockey Canada Officials Committee

Individuals with credentials equivalent to a Field Hockey Canada Provincial rating or higher may request on-field assessments. Field Hockey Canada credentials will be awarded upon successful completion of these on-field assessments.