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Canadian Masters Hockey

Canada Masters Hockey is a program which encourages and enables field hockey players age thirty-five and up to continue their participation in field hockey at the highest level.

The Canada Masters Hockey initiative supports Field Hockey Canada’s strategic objective of developing and strengthening field hockey across the country and fostering a robust Canadian hockey family. Engaging Master level athletes, the Canada Masters Hockey program will provide field hockey players of all ages the opportunity to continue participation in the sport at an international level.



Field Hockey Canada and the Women’s Masters PanAm Continental Cup Committee invite all women aged 035 + to complete an Expression of Interest survey to participate in the World Masters Hockey Outdoor Pan Ams, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, from 6 -17 December 2023.

This is a wonderful opportunity to play competitive hockey in an international arena. We encourage all players who are keen to develop their skills to complete this survey by Tuesday, March 7th 2023 at the latest.

Interested players will be expected to attend one training camp and one tournament. If players are unable to fulfill these requirements, coaches will contact players and consider exceptions to this on a case-by-case basis.

  • Training Camp #1: March 30th, 7-9pm: Eric Hamber, Vancouver
  • Training Camp #2: March 31st, 5-630pm: Eric Hamber, Vancouver
  • Training Camp #3: April 7th, 4-6pm: Cowichan Sports Complex, Duncan
  • Women’s Masters Tournament #1: April 8-9, Shawnigan Lake School
  • Vancouver International Tournament #2: May 20-22, Burnaby Sports Complex
  • Teams will be selected shortly after the Vancouver International Tournament.
  • Eligibility requirements: You must be born in 1988 or prior.

If you are interested in being considered for a Pan Am team, please complete the Expression of Interest Survey here by March 7th 2023.


  • Login to Expression of Interest Survey via FHC Club
  • Season: Masters 2022-23
  • Participant: please choose or add your first/last name
  • Division:  Women OUTDOOR 35+

Master’s Festival 2023 – June 23-25

The projected dates for the Masters Festival in Alberta are June 23-25 2023.

Contact for more information: 

Lori Gaffney:

Domestic Masters Committee

Clare Ford:

Dawn Palmer:

Juliette Bideshi:

Dmitri Chipilo:

Murali Rajaraman:

Miriam Anunziato:

Jim Jenkyns:

Team Canada Masters Steering Committee

Ian Baggott, Chair –

Shadley Stephens, Member  –

Ali McGillivray, Member –

Heather Banham, Member –

Don Paterson, Member –

Adam Hyde, Member –

John McBryde, Advisor

Kevin Underhill, FHC Staff