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Women’s Nextgen National program

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Sport Canada defines ‘Nextgen’ as athletes who are 5-8 years away from an Olympic/World Cup podium. The Field Hockey Canada Women’s Nextgen national program is a collection of young athletes from across the country. These players train and compete in their regional training centres located in Victoria, Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto. It’s from this athlete pool that coaches draw for the Junior and Youth international competitions. The Nextgen pathway also serves as the development pipeline for the senior Women’s National Team.

Women’s Junior Pan American Championships – August 21-28, 2021

The original U21 Pan Am Championships was scheduled for 2020 but will now take place in August 2021. The age restrictions shifted to recognize the postponement of the tournament. Anyone born in 1999 or later will be eligible to compete in the Junior Pan American Championships but only those born in 2000 or later are eligible to compete in the Junior World Cup. Please see below for the athletes selected to play in the 2021 Junior Pan American Championships.


Jenna BergerMIDFIELDERWaterlooONTUniversity of Massachusetts Lowell
Bronwyn BirdMIDFIELDERWest VancouverBCDartmouth College
Rebecca CarvalhoDEFENDERCaledonONTUniversity of Toronto
Jordyn FaiczakMIDFIELDERWaterlooONTUniversity of British Columbia
Nora Goddard-DespotMIDFIELDERNorth Vancouver BCWest Vancouver Field Hockey Club
Sara GoodmanDEFENDERVancouverBCUniversity of British Columbia
Danielle HusarSTRIKERMississaugaONUniversity of Virginia
Katie LynesDEFENDEROakvilleONTUniversity of Toronto
Samantha McCrorySTRIKERKitchener ONUniversity of Toronto
Anna Mollenhauer MIDFIELDERVictoria BCUniversity of Victoria
Thora Rae STRIKERVancouverBCUniversity of British Columbia
Julia RossSTRIKERVancouver BCUniversity of Maine
Stefanie SajkoDEFENDERVictoriaBCUniversity of Victoria
Melanie ScholzDEFENDERCalgaryABUniversity of Calgary
Ishaval SekhonGOALKEEPERSurreyBCUniversity of British Columbia
Nora StruchtrupSTRIKERVictoriaBCUniversity of Victoria
Lucy WheelerGOALKEEPERNorth VancouverBCWest Vancouver Field Hockey Club
Madison WorkmanDEFENDERMiltonONTMiami University
Non-Traveling Reserves
Birkley AndersonDEFENDERDuncanBCUniversity of British Columbia
Anna CostanzoSTRIKERBurlington ONTUniversity of Toronto
Laine DelmotteMIDFIELDERNorth Vancouver BCWest Vancouver Field Hockey Club
Izzy Fraser MIDFIELDERVancouverBCUniversity of British Columbia
Arden Goddard-DespotDEFENDERNorth Vancouver BCWest Vancouver field hockey club
Libby HoggDEFENDERVictoriaBCUniversity of Victoria
Lonica McKinneySTRIKERKelowna BCVirginia Commonwealth University
Grace LeahySTRIKERWaterlooONTA&C
Nicola leechGOAL KEEPERVictoria BCUniversity of Guelph
Maddie MittelsteadtSTRIKERVictoria BCUniversity of Victoria
Mikayla StellingMIDFIELDERVancouverBCHawks
Mackenzie Williams MIDFIELDERBurlington ONTVirginia Commonwealth University
Patrick TshutshaniHEAD COACH
Nancy MollenhauerTEAM MANAGER
Ayesha KoomeIST LEAD