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Q and A with Calgary’s Melanie Scholz

October 11, 2023 | Field Hockey Canada |

University of Calgary’s Mel Scholz made her international debut at the Commonwealth Games

Player Name: Mel Scholz
Hometown: Calgary
Position: Midfield
University Team: University of Calgary Dinos
Club Teams: Cougars Field Hockey Club, Sea2Sky Field Hockey
Coaching experience: Various youth coaching, U14 Sea2Sky Team
First international Cap: Commonwealth Games vs Wales July 29th 2022
Other sports growing up: Started playing ice hockey at age 5 and played until I was 19. Played basketball, soccer and badminton on the side

Question and Answer with Melanie Scholz

Question: Can you talk about your junior international hockey experience and university hockey experience and how that prepared you to play at the senior level?

Answer: My first experience with Field Hockey Canada was in 2021 at a senior carding camp. At that point, I had played two seasons at the University of Calgary. That summer I was selected to the Junior National Team where we won the gold medal at the Junior Pan Am Cup in Chile. Playing for my university team prepared me for the senior team because it helped me gain confidence. There were highs and lows playing on the Junior National Team because we won our continental tournament and then placed poorly at the 2022 Junior World Cup in South Africa. This experience at the Junior World Cup taught me how to respond to setbacks. This is transferable to the senior team because regardless of goals conceded, we keep pushing and executing our game plan.

Question: Your first senior international cap took place at the 2022 Commonwealth Games. What was it like being thrown in the fire at a major multi-sport games as your first senior international match? How does it compare to your juniors experience?

Answer: Earning my first cap at the Commonwealth Games was really special because my parents and sister were there to watch. I was also quite nervous and was almost relieved when the game was over because then I could say I did it. It is quite different from junior in the calibre of the opposition as well as my teammates. I got to play with girls on my team that have been advancing the team for years and who I watched on TV for the Olympic qualifier in 2019. I was nervous because I wanted to feel like I earned my spot and belonged there.

Question: When you put on the Team Canada jersey, what are the emotions and thoughts that come to mind?

Answer: Wearing the Team Canada jersey fills me with an immense sense of pride, knowing that representing one’s country is a rare privilege. Canadian teams have limited opportunities for international matches throughout the year so when we step onto the field, we want to execute everything we have been working on.

Question: As a younger player on the Wolf Pack, who are some of your role models and example setters on the senior national team, and why?

Answer: In 2016, Natalie Sourisseau came to Calgary to help at a Field Hockey Alberta training. This was the first time I was introduced to the national program. It was really inspiring to be coached by a current Team Canada athlete and it sparked my motivation. It is even cooler to be playing alongside her and learning just as much now as I did back then. Sara McManus is another role model of mine because she is a skillful powerhouse and has a winning mentally in every training and game.

Question: With Pan American Games right around the corner, how is the team feeling and how are you feeling heading into the tournament?

Answer: The team is excited to play international games, as we always are. It is our ambitious goal to qualify for the Olympics by placing first at the Pan American Games. I am stoked to experience the energy of a multi-sport event. It is inspiring to be around other athletes that hold themselves to such a high standard.

Question: If you could say something to your younger self to prepare her for this moment, what would it be? What advice would you give?

Answer: I would advise myself to continue seeking out challenging situations because that’s where the most personal growth occurs. There was a moment in 2021 when I almost skipped the carding camp because I was afraid of feeling inadequate and embarrassed. However, I pushed past my fears and attended the camp, and I’m immensely grateful that I did because it served as the starting point for all the experiences I’ve had since then. It’s a lesson I’m actively applying in my life now: disregarding insecurities and pursuing opportunities, even if there’s a chance of failure.

Question: Can you talk about any coach/mentor in your young hockey career? Anything they did specifically for you and anything you’d like to say about them?

Answer: My very first field hockey coach was Heather Ramsay. She poured her heart into youth development and made substantial contributions to the high school, university, and provincial programs in Alberta. Heather struck a perfect balance between fun and learning, and I’m immensely appreciative of all she did for me and my teammates as we developed.

Another coach who left a profound impact on me was Roel van Maastrigt. He served as my head coach during my two years at the University of Calgary and was also actively involved in supporting Field Hockey Canada programs. Under his guidance, I gained invaluable insights that transformed how I played the game. Roel played a pivotal role in my invitation to and participation in the carding camp, and I’m truly grateful to him for pushing me to become a better player and for believing in my potential.

Rapid-Fire Round

Favourite tournament you’ve played in:
Commonwealth Games

Toughest player you matched up during your university career:
Anna Mollenhauer

Favourite field hockey memory:
Dinos Indoor Tournament 2020

Favourite healthy quick-food restaurant:
Hula Poke

Game day song of choice:
Betty (Get Money) – Yung Gravy

If you could have dinner with any athlete in the world, who would it be:
Serena Williams

Mel Scholz plays against Ghana at the 2022 Commonwealth Games in the UK. Photos/Yan Huckendubler


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