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FHC Registration Fees

The FHC Board recently approved fees for the 2023-24 membership year, from 1-Sep-2023 to 31‑Aug-2024. There is a small surcharge for FHC’s Registration and Event Database (F-RED) of $2.00 per Registered Participant.

Registered Participant CategoryBasic FeeF-RED SurchargeTotal Registration Fee
Youth Player (U-12)$3$2$5
Junior Player (U-18)$21$2$23
Senior Player (18+)$39$2$41
Associate $20$2$22

Registration Portals

IMPORTANT: Please be advised that all Field Hockey Canada Membership Fees will now be collected by Field Hockey Canada. Provincial bodies will solely be responsible for the collection of their Provincial Membership Fees.

Provinces with RAMP Registration Portals have a payment splitting process which accounts for this separation of fees. Please note that not all provinces are set up with RAMP. This means you will be required to pay your FHC Membership fee through a below RAMP portal and your Provincial Membership fee with your province separately.

Field Hockey Canada

Field Hockey BC

Field Hockey Alberta

Field Hockey Ontario

Field Hockey Quebec


What does this mean for a registering participant?

This means that all incoming participants inclusive of players, officials, coaches and associates, will have to pay their national membership for the 2023-2024 season directly to Field Hockey Canada and their provincial membership directly to their province.

How do I pay my national membership fee to Field Hockey Canada?

You can login to your province’s RAMP portal (above) to pay for your Field Hockey Canada fee.

How do I pay my provincial membership fee?

If your province has fully integrated with RAMP, when you login to your province’s RAMP portal you will be able to pay for both your national and provincial memberships at the same time.

If your province has not integrated with RAMP, you will have to follow their instructions on how to pay them for their membership fee outside of the RAMP portal.

Refund Policy

1. Membership Fees

Membership registrations are non-refundable.

2. Event Fees

Full refunds will be given only for events, and only if an event is moved or cancelled by FHC. Please note that any other refunds that occur will be charged an administration fee of $25.

3. Program Fees

In accordance with the financial and legal instruments policies and procedures policy, FHC program fees will not be refunded or pro-rated unless prior authorization has been provided. Authorization can only be made on a program-by-program basis and must be approved in writing by the CEO. If approval for a refund is provided, the refund will be subject to a standard deduction of a $25 administration charge. 

Values of Membership