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FHC Registration Fees

The FHC Board recently approved fees for the 2021-22 membership year, from 1-Sep-2021 to 31‑Aug-2022. The $8 Covid-19 Insurance surcharge that was in effect last year has been removed. There is a small surcharge for FHC’s Registration and Event Database (F-RED) of $2.00 per Registered Participant.

Registered Participant CategoryBasic FeeF-RED SurchargeTotal Registration Fee
Youth Player (U-12)$3$2$5
Junior Player (U-18)$21$2$23
Senior Player (18+)$39$2$41
Associate $20$2$22

Please Note:

Any participant registration purchased from 1-Jul-2021 until 31-Aug-2022 will be valid until 31-Aug-2022.

Refund Policy

Full refunds will be given only for events, and only if an event is moved or cancelled by FHC. Please note that any other refunds that occur will be charged an administration fee of $25.

Membership registrations are non-refundable.

Values of Membership