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The 2020-2025 Strategic Plan is the result of extended stakeholder engagement, Board retreats and a series of stakeholder meetings which took place over an 18-month period. In December 2018, the FHC Board of Directors held a two day retreat to further develop many of the elements essential to re-orienting an organization. Field Hockey Canada has approached this process as we mean to proceed; with openness, inclusion and in an attempt to work with and listen to our stakeholders. Continued engagement with our stakeholders to gather feedback will take place so we can continue to refine our strategy. This plan was approved by the Board of Directors of Field Hockey Canada in October 2019.

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Weise Report

As part of the 2020 High Performance review process, Markus Weise (three-time gold medal winner) led a full system review and breakdown. He interviewed over 90 people representing all areas of the Canadian field hockey community, from clubs, universities, provinces, HP partners, alumni and athletes. Susan Ahrens, FHC CEO, said it is imperative to get a full picture when evaluating a system of such magnitude. She said, “this report and its findings are strong, evidence-based foundation to build what Markus referred to Field Hockey Canada’s ‘Team of Teams.’”

“Not only has Markus achieved unparalleled success in our sport but became an off-field expert in building world-leading talent development systems, having transferred to soccer and worked in building the talent development system with the German football federation,” Ahrens said.

Field Hockey Canada deeply appreciates the community support through this time and would like to give special thanks to Own the Podium, the provincial sport organization members and the private donor who financially supported this review.

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