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The Field Hockey Canada Hall of Fame was created in 2014 to recognize those who have made a significant contribution to the sport of field hockey in Canada. 

The Field Hockey Canada Hall of Fame Committee was established by the FHC Board of Directors to lead the activities of the FHC Hall of Fame.

Mandate of the FHC Hall of Fame Committee

  1. to oversee and manage a system for the selection and recognition of individuals nominated for induction to the Hall of Fame
  1. To select Inductees for the FHC Hall of Fame every year if possible
  1. to propose policy direction relating to the Hall of Fame to the FHC Board for approval
  1. to provide oversight for Hall of Fame activities across Canada
  1. to act as advocates for the FHC Hall of Fame

Membership on the FHC Hall of Fame Committee

  1. The Committee will be chaired by an individual appointed for a 2 year period by the FHC Board of Directors
  1. Membership on the Committee will be as follows:
  • Chair
  • Member of the Board selected by the Board
  • The FHC CEO
  • 3-5 Members-at-large with significant knowledge of Canadian hockey recommended by the Chair for approval by the Board

Attention should be paid to gender, language and geographic representation.

Operating Principles – The Committee

  1. The Committee will meet and communicate through phone, email or electronic means as necessary.
  1. The Committee will meet at least twice annually and more times if necessary.
  1. A small operating budget of no more than approximately $1000.00 annually will be established within the operating budget of FHC.
  1. Operations support for the Committee will be provided by the CEO as needed.
  1. The Committee will report to the Board and the AGM annually through a written report provided by the Chair

Operating Principles – the Nominations Process

  1. The nominations process will be open and transparent.
  1. There will be an annual call for nominations on the FHC website issued by the Committee Chair. The Call for Nominations will be issued on September 1 with a closing date of October 31 for induction of successful candidates the following year.
  1. All nominations will be received by the National Office and transmitted to the Committee members for consideration.
  1. Nominations will be valid for a two year period and will be considered with new nominations over that two year period. After two years, a new nomination must be submitted.
  1. There will be a standard nominations form. No nomination will be considered unless it is submitted on the official form.
  1. Nominations may be submitted in either of Canada’s official languages.
  1. Nominations may be submitted in the following categories: athlete, coach, official, builder and other (eg sponsor, physician, manager etc)

Operating Principles – the Selection Process

  1. All candidates will be assessed according to publicly stated criteria.
  1. There is no specific number of successful candidates in each category each year. It is possible that there could be no successful candidates in any given year.
  1. All nomination documents and discussions of candidates will be confidential.
  1. Nomination documents will be stored in the National office and destroyed after a two year period.
  1. Inductees will be selected on the basis of consensus among the committee members.

Operating Principles – the Induction Process

  1. The Induction will take place no less than every two years and preferably at a venue suitable to the prestige of the Hall of Fame and the inductees themselves.
  1. A video of 3-4 minutes will be prepared by the National Office outlining the achievements of each of the Inductees and the rationale for their Induction. The video will be shown at the induction Ceremony and posted on the FHC website within one week following he Ceremony.
  1. The site of the Induction Ceremony will be chosen by the Hall of Fame Committee and the National Office taking into consideration the location of the inductees, the FHC Calendar of events, the costs and other relevant factors.
  1. Induction Ceremonies will be cost neutral and will be funded through a publically offered sale of tickets or sponsorship.
  1. The CEO, in conjunction with the Hall of Fame Committee, will see to the establishment of a local organizing committee (LOC) and will ensure that the standards of the Hall of Fame are upheld.
  1. The LOC, in consultation with the Hall of Fame Committee, will design the program for the Induction Ceremony and select the MC for the event.
  1. Each Inductee will be presented with a personalized Hof F plaque and red HoF scarf at the event. A supply of plaques and scarves will be retained at the National Office.
  1. A member of the HofF Committee (including the CEO) should attend each HofF Ceremony.
  1. Each Inductee and LOC should be encouraged to sell as many event tickets as possible.


Promotion of the Induction Ceremony

  1. Promotion of the Induction Ceremony is an important part of the event for the Inductees, the previous inductees and the FHC. Efforts should be made to invite local hockey participants from all eras to the Induction Ceremony.
  2. All Members of the Hall of Fame should be invited by the Chair of the Hall of Fame Committee to each Induction Ceremony (at his/her own expense)