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Insurance Policy for Members

As part of your membership/registered participant fee to FHC, FHC buys and supplies the insurance to all members

All Sport Insurance Marketing Ltd.

Insurance Policy Summary

General Liability Policy (AS1511)

  • Limit – $5,000,000 each occurrence
  • Errors & Omissions Liability (Directors & Officers / Wrongful Acts) – Limit $1,000,000
  • Insured – The Association & Affiliated Clubs/Teams
  • Additional Insured – Officers, Directors, Coaches, Managers, Officials, Members, Volunteers, & Employees
  • Sponsors, Government Departments & Municipalities can be added as additional insured at no extra cost
  • Participant coverage is included in addition to third party exposure
  • All appropriate riders included such as Cross Liability, Non-Owned Automobile, Tenants Legal, etc.
  • World-Wide Coverage

*Deductible – $500

Sport Accident Policy (ACC3011)

  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment Limit – $10,000
  • Permanent Total Disability Limit – $20,000
  • Accident Reimbursement Limit* – $10,000
  • Costs not insured by Provincial Medical Plan, including medical braces, emergency ambulance, excess physiotherapy, prescription drugs for the injury, etc.
  • Dental Accident Limit* – $2,000
  • Fracture Indemnity – From $50 to $500

*Treatment must be completed within 52 weeks from date of each accident

*Subject to Provincial Associations as endorsed

*Subject to full-face shield or mouth guard

Description of coverage above is not complete, and reference must be made to the actual terms and conditions of the applicable policy forms.

Who is insured with this policy?

To be insured one must be a member in good standing (membership fees are paid and up to date) with a provincial associations and affiliated club/team.

Insured: The Association & Affiliated Clubs/Teams

Additional Insured: Officers, Directors, Coaches, Managers, Officials, Members, Volunteers, & Employees

How to make a claim:

To make a claim, please download a copy of the Athlete Accident Claim Form (AACF).  Please do not hesitate to call All Sport Insurance or e-mail Susan Ahrens at Field Hockey Canada ( should you require assistance.  Full instructions for completing the form can be found on the claim form.  Be aware that:

  • The insurer must receive notice of the accident within 30 days of the accident and receive documentation within 90 days
  • Claims must be submitted with itemized statements and paid receipts
  • All claims must have the signature of your association or club
  • A physician statement confirming diagnosis and recommended treatments is required if you are claiming other than dental or ambulance expense.
  • If you do not have any costs at the time you are submitting the form, please forward the form only and confirm that you intent to make a claim
  • Expenses eligible under any other health care plan(s) must be submitted to that plan(s).  Your sport accident policy will pay only the amount of expenses that are not eligible with any other insurer.
  • The Insured shall submit the completed claim form to the association or club executive for their signed certification

Frequently Asked Questions

1. If our association or club holds a clinic where people attend that are not registered members of FHC is this an issue?

This is not a problem if your event is sanctioned by the national/provincial sport governing body. For the clubs this would be handled via your provincial association and for the provincial associations by the national association.

It is understood and agreed that the insurance provided by the policy with respect to the playing or taking part in practicing or training for sports shall apply only to sanctioned events as described below:

“Sanctioned events shall mean all games, competitions or sports demonstrations run by you or by member clubs authorized by you including related training at sites of events and club premises. Authorization can either be by way of a written procedure manual or specific agreement in writing by your authorized executives.”

2. How do we insure our teams when traveling and playing out of country?

A roster including the full names of the players, date of departure, and date of return can be submitted to Field Hockey Canada to get a quote from SBC Insurance.

3. Does our club need additional insurance to host events where we know individuals playing may not be members of FHC, i.e., out of country participants?

All Sport Insurance can provide additional insurance to host a special event – depending on the size of the event, venue, etc., an additional premium may be charged. It would be in the best interests of the association or club hosting the event to ask the participating out of country teams for proof of insurance.

4. What should an association or club do if someone just wishes to try the sport out once or only wish to play on one weekend/year?

If the event is sanctioned and the participants just want to try the sport out this should not be a problem re: insurance coverage – similar to clinics. For individuals that only wish to participate in one event per year or less it might be best to recommend a FHC associate membership fee to them or establish an association or club fee for these participants that involves insurance coverage but the costs are lower, e.g., non-league playing membership



The Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport (CCES) is the custodian of the Canadian Anti-Doping Program (CADP); the set of rules that govern anti-doping in Canada. The CADP consists of several components such as in- and out-of-competition testing, education, medical exemptions, and the consequences of doping violations. The CADP is compliant with the World Anti-Doping Code and all international standards.

Click here to see the Canadian Anti-Doping Program.

Field Hockey Canada (FHC) has adopted the CADP which means that you can be confident that you are part of a world-class anti-doping program that is designed to protect athletes’ rights and ensure a level playing field. FHC’s anti-doping policy reflects and supports the CADP. Click here to read more.

While the CCES administers anti-doping for the Canadian sport community, you may also be subject to the rules of your international federation. Learn more about FIH’s anti-doping policies and procedures.

The CCES recommends that athletes take the following actions to ensure they don’t commit an inadvertent anti-doping rule violation:

Additional Resources and Information

  • The CCES AthleteZone is a hub of resources and information for athletes and their support personnel.
  • The Global DRO provides athletes and support personnel with information about the prohibited status of specific substances based on the current WADA Prohibited List.
  • Physicians and medical personnel are encouraged to use the CCES DocZone for targeted medical information.
  • Read more about the Canadian Anti-Doping Program
  • The World Anti-Doping Agency works towards a vision of a world where all athletes compete in a doping-free sporting environment.
  • The CCES is a proud and active member of the True Sport Movement – a movement that is based on the simple idea that good sport can make a great difference.

For additional resources and more about anti-doping, please contact the CCES


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