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Coaching Resources

Field Hockey Canada’s Coaching Pathway prepares coaches from the grassroots, community levels to high-performance. An athlete-centered, coach-led model ensures a holistic approach intended to serve the growth of the game.

Field Hockey Canada, in association with the Coaching Association of Canada, has developed a coaching model and training program to prepare coaches of all levels to effectively lead athletes in their field hockey developments.

Below you will find resources on general coaching information as well as specific resources for each of the FHC Coaching Streams, Community, Competition Introduction and Competition Development.


Field Hockey Canada Coaching Pathway

National Coach Certification Program

Coaching seminars are available across the country and can be found HERE


Information on Coach Education policies, standard processes, guidelines for hosting coach education courses, training of coach developers, coach evaluation and certification processes will be available within the Field Hockey Canada Coaching Manual.

Note:  this manual is under construction and will be available publicly at this location once approved

LTAD Skills Development Pathway

The following resources show the expected athlete skill progression based on the LTAD stage of participation and outlines when and at what age coaches should focus on skill introduction, development, competency, proficiency and excellence. *These documents are pending final approval.


Concussion Education and Policy


Coach - Community

Coach - Comp Intro

Coach - Comp Dev