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Junior Men Defeated in first Game of Tour

April 28, 2011 | Field Hockey Canada |

Junior Men Defeated by Scotland in First Game of UK Tour

The Canadian athletes started the game back on there heals, giving the Scottish team time and space. The Scottish side had several long stints of ball possession penetrating deep into the Canadian zone resulting in several penalty corners. Canada was able to defend all the Scottish penalty corners in the first half. With some quick ball transfers, Scotland was able to hit a hard ball into the circle from outside 25 with was deflected into Canada’s goal by Ross  Glashan, # 17 at the 19th minute. Canada had several scoring chances of their own with fast counter attacks and turnovers later in the half, but was unable to convert.


The score at the end of the 1st half was Canada 0 – Scotland 1.


Canada’s confidences built from the 1st half. Canada was able to put more pressure on the ball, making the game into a more even match. Scotland was able to covert off a hard drag flick at the 56 minute by Fraser Sands, #19. Canada pressed hard and was able to create several fast break counter attacks and earned a goal back at the 68 minute with a nice pass from Jimmy Kirkpatrick to Josh Brown on the far post. The game ended with Canada pressing and attacking.


The score at the end of the 2nd half was Canada 1 – Scotland 2.


Canada Starting Line-up:


#  1 – Kevin Pereira (G)

#  6 – Josh Brown

#  7 – Spencer Curran

#  9 – Gurteg Gill

# 10 – Harmann Grewal

# 11 – Brenden Bissett

# 13 – Stephen Bissett

# 14 – James Kirkpatrick

# 16 – Nicolas Roggeveen (C)

# 17 – Arsh Buttar

# 18 – Paul Wharton




1st Half:

Goals:  Canada  –  0      Scotland  –  1

Penalty Corners:  Canada  –  1      Scotland  –  2

Cards:  Canada  –  none      Scotland  –  none


2nd Half:

Goals:  Canada  –  1      Scotland  –  1

Penalty Corners:  Canada  –  0      Scotland  –  4

Cards:  Canada  –  Green   –  1     Scotland  –  none