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Suit up and support

The Canadian Women’s National Team and Martin Fisher Tailors have partnered on a unique community offer to support the team on the road to the 2022 World Cup and the Paris Olympics in 2024. The goal is simple: to be the go-to option for anyone in the greater field hockey community needing a suit.


Graduating?  A wedding?  Just got promoted and need a suit or two for the weekly rotation? Either way we’re here – it’s a great price and a great way to keep your dollars in the community.  A true win-win.

Women’s National Team athletes Natalie Sourisseau and Rowan Harris in Martin Fisher Tailors outfits.
Photos/Brandon Elliot Photography

The target:

In 2022, the aim is to make 500 sales and generate $50K for the program.

The offer:

Two tiers of ready-to-wear suits – one at $550; the second at $695.

  • Four different fits over the two tiers – covering pretty close to every body type
  • Size customization – the jacket and pant will be sized and ordered individually, ensuring the best possible fit
  • Fifteen available cloths – shades of black, navy, blue, grey + olive and burgundy

For those interested in made-to-measure, pricing will vary due to the shifting nature of the custom process.  Please ask for more details if you are interested.

How it works:

You’ll meet with Michael Mahood of Martin Fisher at his Strathcona studio (or your home or office if the location is workable).  After some measurements, he will throw a bunch of garments on you to determine which fit and feel works best.  You will then select your cloth choice and should be out of there in 15-30 minutes.  The suit will be ordered and will arrive in two to three weeks.

** Do note that any alterations to the suit are not included.  You may take the suit to your own finishing tailor, or work with Michael to achieve the final fit.

If interested, click on the link below and Michael will reach out to set up an appointment and answer any further questions you might have.


Why Martin Fisher Tailors:

Martin Fisher is owned and operated by Michael Mahood, who was the goalkeeper of the Canadian men’s team that played in the 1998 World Cup as well as the 2000 and 2008 Olympics.  He is currently working with the Wolfpack as a domestic trainer and goalkeeper coach.

This offer is really a triple win – it’s good for you, good for the team and good for Martin Fisher Tailors. It’s the field hockey community being exactly that – a community.  We look forward to your support!