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The Canadian Field Hockey Olympic Endowment Fund is now accepting applications for 2019 support. The deadline is December 31, 2019.

Purpose of the Canadian Men’s Field Hockey Olympic Endowment Fund (the “Fund”)

As outlined in the Indenture dated January 24th, 1990, between the Canadian Olympic Association and the Canadian Field Hockey Association, the purpose of the Fund is to provide financial support in order to enhance the high performance of men’s and boy’s field hockey activities in Canada, including, but without restricting the generality of the foregoing, to encourage the development of field hockey skills by providing coaching, equipment and training for boys and mens teams playing in or for Canada, and by providing scholarships and other funding for boys and men participating in field hockey in Canada.


A Board of Trustees oversees the fund. There are three trustees. Trustees serve three-year terms, and up to 2 terms. The Board encourages applications from field hockey clubs, as well as regional, provincial, and national organizations supporting men’s and boy’s field hockey.

The model for the fund is to distribute annually some or all of the interest income generated from investments of the principal endowment. The total distribution to grant applicants varies from year to year; for reference, two grants totalling $10,500 were awarded in 2019.

Trustees encourage applications from organizations across the field hockey community, so as to be able to achieve a broad distribution of funds within the sport. Applications for $5,000 or less are best aligned with the Fund.

Application Submission and Deadline

Download the application form here

Please submit completed applications directly to Hari Kant, Chair of the Board of Trustees at: .

Applications must be received by December 31, 2019. The Trustees will review applications and award grants before March 31, 2020. All applicants will be informed of the results.