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Field Hockey Canada joins the global community in celebrating international women’s day. This day serves to highlight the many barriers that numerous women and girls still face when accessing sport. To ensure we play an active role in removing said barriers, FHC works hard to apply our gender equity lens to all aspects of our work as we build and shape our Team of Teams. Today, we are proud to celebrate some of our amazing women leading change.

FHC’s commitment to equity is evident at all levels, beginning with our board of directors. Chaired by Ann Doggett, our board is fortunate to boast 5 female directors, including Olympians Vice-Chair Deb Whitten and Hall of Fame inductee Nancy Mollenhauer. The value of gender balance on the board ensures diverse voices are heard at all times.

Our visible commitment to equity continues in senior management with CEO Susan Ahrens at the helm. Supporting her work, some of our key committees are driven by strong, knowledgeable women leading coach and umpire education programs. The organization has made big leaps forward over the past year under the guidance of Jenn Beagan and Laurie Hogan respectively, whilst our Hall of Fame committee flourishes under Dr. Sue Neill’s steady hand.

As Ahrens highlights, “We are very proud of female representation within Field Hockey Canada at all levels. All our female contributors are highly qualified and inspirational. Whether it’s board or committee members, staff, volunteers, or our wonderful athletes, all [of them] share a knowledge of and passion for the sport, putting in countless hours to make our sport better. More accessible, inclusive, diverse and equitable.

“Today is a fitting day to thank all of them, not only for helping drive our sport in an immediate sense, but for their contribution to driving this necessary societal change to bring about real and lasting change for future generations of women.”

Our most visible women are our Women’s National Team. Currently ranked 14th in the world, the Canadian Wolf Pack are leading the way when it comes to choosing to challenge and fighting for what they deserve. As they embark on the road to qualifying for the FIH World Cup, this group of dedicated and fierce women won’t settle for less.

It is important to note that Field Hockey Canada’s work in gender equity goes beyond today’s celebration. We believe it is important to embed equity and drive change and opportunity at all levels and in all the work we embark on with our teams, from national team programs to coaching and officiating. Beyond our nation, we are proud to be part of a global hockey community led by the FIH, which celebrates our men’s and women’s game of equal importance. Today and every day we ask you, our teammates, to be part of this change.

Happy International Women’s Day!

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