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A national strategy that provides identified athletes with the individualized support to accelerate their performance along the talent pathway

Field Hockey Canada is excited to launch our new Targeted Athlete Program (TAP). This program delivers to our National Targeted Athlete Strategy and further supports the ongoing pathway potential of our young and aspiring athletes.

TAP is designed to provide top identified Canadian youth age group athletes at the Train to Train (T2T) and Train to Compete (T2C) stage of the Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) with an individualized training and development program that will maximize their growth and accelerate their development as a skilled athlete over the long term.

Field Hockey Canada CEO Susan Ahrens said, “The Targeted Athlete Strategy and associated TAP program will be game-changing for our sport. This is a national strategy which will produce a conveyer belt of talent embedded in our DNA and culture,” she said. “This will bring transformation from coast to coast, building on the best that exists whilst refreshing and renewing in line with the recommendations of the 2020 Weise Report.”

Field Hockey Canada’s 2020 high-performance system review by Markus Weise provided recommendations to align with best practices in Canadian sport and those offered in world leading field hockey nations. Central to his key recommendations was a clearly articulated talent pathway, with FHC providing national leadership for the brightest and best. Our Targeted Athlete Strategy delivers this. As True Sport Manager and Junior National team Coach Jenn Beagan explains;

“The TAP training environment will be an introduction to a high-performance daily training environment, a starting point that will provide important experience and preparation for athletes to move into NextGen and National Team Programs. Athletes will train on field twice a week, with a weekly strength and conditioning session, as well as performance education and support in topics such as sport nutrition, mental performance and hockey specific tactical instruction.”

The TAP program and FHC Next Gen National Training Centres build an extended athlete pathway that provides a clear and structured route for athletes to progress from grass-root club programs to development opportunities hosted by their province and into high performance training environments.

High Performance Director Adam Janssen said, “the TAP program will add an important layer of player development to the athlete pathway and provide an environment for potential Next Gen athletes to develop. We hope to see athletes transitioning from the TAP program into our Junior and Senior National teams one day.”

The Club System is an important foundation to this pathway and will provide on-going team and competition structures that are fundamental to athlete development. All Athletes in FHC programming are expected to remain in their club environments and actively participate on teams and in league play and tournament events. Similarly, Partnerships with Provincial Organizations are necessary for sustainable systems growth, athlete, coach and officials development, event hosting and competition structure.

Partnership is central to this. With national calendar alignment ensuring training fits with club and school seasonal play and doesn’t interfere with provincial team season in the late spring and early summer, athletes should not need to choose between FHC, PSO or clubs / schools.

More information can be found on our Targeted Athlete Strategy and TAP Programs here 


Currently, Field Hockey Canada is actively seeking interested applicants for on-field coaching roles within the Targeted Athlete Pathway. Coaches wishing to be considered for appointment FHC programming should complete the application. Only those coaches selected to interview will be contacted at this time. 


The following positions are available:

  • Assistant Coach – British Columbia TAP Hub, Mainland (multiple positions available)
  • Volunteer Coach – British Columbia TAP Hub, Mainland (multiple positions available)
  • Assistant Coach – Ontario TAP Hub, Mainland (multiple positions available)
  • Volunteer Coach – Ontario TAP Hub, Mainland (multiple positions available)