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Field Hockey Canada Responds to Globe and Mail Article

November 16, 2020 | Field Hockey Canada |

Last week, Field Hockey Canada was the subject of an article in the Globe and Mail. In response to the assertions made to the paper, Field Hockey Canada had provided factual information as well as links to our audited Financial Statements, our annual report, governance and other reporting. All are a matter of public record but not necessarily reflected in the article. In response, Field Hockey Canada has shared the following notes with the Globe and Mail:

  • Field Hockey Canada has never claimed bankruptcy. This is an inaccurate statement in the story.
  • Field Hockey Canada did not turn down any contributions from 94Forward.
  • Gordon Plottel did not step down as a member of the Field Hockey Canada Board. In fact, his term with FHC was completed. We ask that the Globe revise the statement as it carries a negative connotation to his contributions and Field Hockey Canada.
  • Regarding the accounting of the $142,000 hosting – it is accurate that a decade ago the board made a decision to allocate a small percentage of every membership fee for use to host International events. These funds – which were always held within our discretionary account – were used to fund our national team programs. They were fully accounted for at all times.
  • We have been and continue to be committed to funding the Women’s and Men’s programs equitably.
  • We have new Field Hockey Canada Board members and as we move forward we will continue to be accountable and transparent with our finances. Every year, Field Hockey Canada produces complete and transparent reporting, including independent audited Financial Statements. These are all a matter of public record and can be found on our website.

Ultimately our work and progress is our best response to the article as it serves to demonstrate that Field Hockey Canada is governed in a transparent manner.

As laid out in our 2020-2025 Strategic Plan, Field Hockey Canada is committed to building a stronger organization, a stronger system, leading to stronger international performances. Our values include accountability, transparency, teamwork, respect, integrity and fun. We live these values each day as we work tirelessly to build a quality sports experience for – and with – everyone in our community. We believe that sports have a profound and positive impact on people that extends way beyond the sports arena itself. Field Hockey Canada takes our responsibility as a Canadian sport leader very seriously and will continue to work on building and governing our sport at all levels.