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  1. Must demonstrate exemplary values and personal characteristics
  2. Must have made a defining contribution to the sport of field hockey (inclusive of indoor hockey) in Canada


  1. Through dedicated efforts and expertise over a period of at least five years raised the Canadian team performance significantly in international competition
  2. Recognized as a leader in the sport of field hockey both internationally and domestically
  3. Provided leadership to the development of high performance coaches in Canada over a period of at least five years
  4. Coached Canadian teams in the Olympic Games, World Cups, Pan Am Games, Commonwealth Games or other high-level International competitions


  1. Retired from playing at the international level for at least five years
  2. Attained a significant record of achievement on the field of play while playing for Canada
  3. Brought honour and recognition to Canada both on and off the field of play
  4. Played for Canada in the Olympic Games, the World Cup, Pan Am Games, Commonwealth Games or other high level international competition


  1. Recognized for expertise as an outstanding umpire or technical official at the international level for a period of more than five years
  2. Been appointed as an official for at least 75 international matches including the Olympic Games, World Cups, Pan Am Games, Commonwealth Games or other high level competitions
  3. Provided strong leadership to the development of top level international officials in Canada over a period of at least four years


  1. An individual outside of the field of play who has contributed significantly and extraordinarily to the growth and development of Canadian field hockey over at least a 10 year period
  2. A Builder may be active or inactive to be considered and will be evaluated on contributions and impact.

How to Make a Nomination

There are 4 steps to making a nomination:
i. Complete the nomination form
ii. submit the CV of the nominee
iii. submit the letter of support form
iv. any additional information you feel will support the application


Manual Nominations

Whilst online submissions are encouraged, emailed or posted nominations will also be accepted. Please send email nominations to If you are unable to email the package, hard-copy packages will be accepted but must be delivered by hand or by registered mail by the October 31st deadline to:

Susan Ahrens | Field Hockey Canada | 6111 River Road, Richmond, BC V7C 0A2

Download Nomination Form

All nomination packages will be acknowledged within 48 hours of receipt. Nomination packages will be retained and considered over a two-year period and will then be destroyed. Nominations may be re-submitted at the end of the two-year period if the Nominee is not selected.