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It has often been said that home is where the heart is. For most elite athletes and Canada’s women’s field hockey team specifically, that rings especially true.

No one reaches the pinnacle of field hockey, being able to wear the red-and-white and don the maple leaf, without the support of a network that starts right at home.

Those networks, like our country, come from far and wide.

From parents driving kids kilometres upon kilometres to attend practices and tryouts; to teachers and coaches serving as mentors encouraging athletes to work harder and push further; to alumni sharing their experiences and time as role models.

Home truly is at the heart of hockey in Canada.

About The Campaign

With that in mind, and with Canada’s set to celebrate its 150th anniversary, Canada’s women’s field hockey team has launched a fundraising campaign aimed at celebrating and profiling the communities from which they come and the people therein.

Without support from their home communities – from the beginning of their journeys until today – there is no doubt the individual athletes that make up Canada’s Women’s National Program would not be where they are today.

As a way of saying thanks, over the coming months Field Hockey Canada and Canada’s women will be telling the stories of their hockey beginnings, profiling their communities, and the mentors they have had along the way.

The “Heart of Hockey” campaign aims to bring awareness to the grassroots of hockey in Canada, where kids have long been and continue to be developed into elite athletes and great people and ambassadors for our country.

Seeking Additional Support

In addition to the awareness campaign, the Canadian women are seeking support.

Earlier this year, Canada’s Women’s National Program lost a substantial amount of discretionary funding to the tune of approximately $300,000. This is and was a large part of the program’s annual operating budget and has left the program and team in a position of need.

In order to continue to train full-time and travel to compete, the funding gap must to be closed. Currently, the women are facing the prospect of having to pay out of pocket to sustain the program.

As a part of their fundraising activities, Field Hockey Canada and the Canadian women are looking to Canada’s “Heart of Hockey,” the communities across the country which have tirelessly and graciously supported them on their journeys to representing Canada, to once again give if they can.

A donation of any amount will go directly to the Women’s National Program and will offset training facility costs, coach salaries, and will enable the team to travel to compete and continue to chase the dream of representing Canada at the Olympics.

How To Donate

Donations of more than $5 are tax deductible and can be made here.

The Women’s National Team is also hosting a fundraising event at Mahoney and Son’s in Vancouver on July 15th. Tickets are $40, include dinner and proceeds go directly to the Women’s National Team. There will be door prizes and a silent auction. Click here to buy tickets.

We are truly grateful for your continued support.

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