Field Hockey Canada > Staff Announcement: Sajan Jabbal hired as Summer Communications Coordinator

Field Hockey Canada is excited to welcome Sajan Jabbal as the new Communications Coordinator for the summer. Studying Journalism at Mount Royal University in Calgary, Jabbal has experience working in reporting, writing, editing, video and photography, and will look to put all of those skills to good use this summer.

Jabbal has previously worked as a sports staff writer for the Reflector, as well as a reporter and editor for the Calgary Journal. Being involved with Field Hockey in Alberta for over 15 years, Sajan will look to bring in new ideas and insight on Field Hockey all over Canada.

“I’m really excited to do work on something that I love and is in my field,” said Jabbal. “I’ve grown up with a field hockey stick in my hand, so the sport has really influenced how I am as a person.”

Jabbal will be focusing his efforts on the upcoming Women’s Hockey Series Finals, as well as coverage of the U15 nationals in Calgary.

“I’m excited to continue being part of the Field Hockey Canada community in a different way, and I look forward to spreading the field hockey influence around all of Canada.”

Jabbal will also look to cover community stories around Canada and is looking to promote and grow the game in Canada and abroad.

According to Communications Manager, Kevin Underhill, bringing on a young journalism student is perfect for the position and expects Jabbal to contribute immediately.

“We are always trying to enhance coverage and promotion of our programs,” Underhill said. “Sajan is keen and ready to support and promote national team programs, national championships and community initiatives in a communications and story-telling capacity. We’re excited to have him on board for the summer.”

This appointment was made possible largely thanks to the Government of Canada’s Canadian Summer Jobs program. Field Hockey Canada thanks their funding partners for making programs like this a reality.

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