About the Team

The story of our women’s national indoor team is one of determination and fortitude.  The team represents a dedicated group of athletes balancing both the commitment and training required of national athletes while pursuing studies or their professional careers. Many have had the privilege of representing Canada as a national athlete in previous indoor World Cups, on the senior or junior women’s national outdoor team or are just beginning their pursuit of national aspirations. Ranging in age from high school to mid-30’s, this diverse group of individuals are united in their focus to represent Canada to the best of their ability.

For more information on the Women’s Indoor National Team Roster visit their Team Page.

About the Competition

Our Indoor Women’s National Team will be playing on home soil this March at the Indoor Pan American Cup, being hosted in Calgary, AB at the Seven Chiefs Sportsplex. They will be looking to finish on the podium in front of family and friends. 


Stay tuned for more information.

About the Fundraiser

As the indoor program is entirely self-funded, athletes and staff focus time not only on their training efforts but fundraising to help off-set the costs required to adequately prepare for such competition.  We need YOU to help these dedicated athletes achieve their World Cup dreams. Your support would help them get that much closer to succeeding.

For those giving large sum donations ($1,000 or more) we encourage you to please download the charitable donation form here and contact Field Hockey Canada directly to process your donation. Hailey Yhap (Membership Engagement Coordinator) – events@fieldhockey.ca  THANK YOU!

PLEASE NOTE: FHC fundraising goes towards the program. FHC nominated athletes and registered participants are on-boarded by FHC to enable FHC to collectively leverage our entire community network to support FHC programs. We use this platform to help raise funds for the program or event, for example, Masters, Junior Men’s National Program, Women’s National Program, Junior World Cup, Senior World Cup etc. In accordance with legislation, all funds raised for the program, stay within the program / event for which they are raised and cannot be transferred to another program or to any individual.