Field Hockey Canada > National Volunteer Week - Feature Volunteer Ashleigh Gold

Field Hockey Canada is celebrating National Volunteer Week from April 19-25. This week, we will feature a few volunteers from across the country. Thank you for the many nominations from your communities. We are thrilled to have such a terrific cast of volunteers and staff from coast-to-coast. Please enjoy our National Volunteer Week series!

Written and assembled by Joshua Rey

Ashleigh Gold Q and A

Today’s featured volunteer for national volunteer week is Ashleigh Gold of North Vancouver B.C. She is a coach and clinics instructor for the West Vancouver Field Hockey Club.

Field Hockey Canada: How did you get into Field Hockey? Walk me through your introduction to the sport? Why is it special to you? 

Ashleigh Gold:My soccer coach introduced me to field hockey as cross-training for soccer. I’ve been hooked ever since! Field hockey is unique in that it has the large field feel of soccer but the additional challenge of a stick and a ball. There are an infinite number of skills you can do making learning endless.

Field Hockey Canada: What motivates you to volunteer?

Ashleigh Gold: Coaching brings me so much joy. I love watching athletes learn new skills and give their all for a common goal. I have had so many great coaches and experiences throughout the years. I feel that it is important to give back to the sport I love and hopefully pass on my passion for field hockey to others.

Field Hockey Canada: Do you think more people should volunteer and how can more people get involved?

Ashleigh Gold:I believe if you had a great experience in your sport, you should do your best to give back

Field Hockey Canada: What is your favourite part about giving back to the field hockey community?

Ashleigh Gold: I love watching others gain a passion for a sport