Field Hockey Canada > Tournament Update: Junior Pan American Championships - Surrey, BC

With less than a week to go the excitement is building and community is ready to welcome the continent to Tamanawis Park

There is less than a week to go until the Junior Pan American Championships begin, and the excitement is becoming more palpable by the day. Teams are ready and the local community is ready too.

The Women’s and Men’s junior national teams have been in training camps leading up to the event readying to chase the dream of a continental championship podium and qualification for the Junior World Cup. Both will be in action early next week and we encourage everyone to come out and support your teams!


Welcoming you at Tamanawis Park will be our amazing Surrey hockey community. Field Hockey Canada and our provincial member, Field Hockey BC are only a small part of an amazing community group hosting this event. It truly is a community event: in the community, for the community and presented by the community. Over the past 6 weeks, more and more of the Tamanawis community have come on board to support. Joining Panthers Field Hockey, India Club and Dashmesh Field Hockey Club, Field Hockey Canada now has additional clubs showing up to make this a special event. Our ‘original three’ are joined by Gobind Sarvar, West Coast Kings, Lions and Sikh Games who are all contributing and supporting as one community. Field Hockey Canada would like to thank all for their contributions in hosting this event.

Tamanawis Park is a two-field facility situated in the heart of a passionate hockey community. Bringing international hockey to Tamanawis supports the continued growth and investment in the community. A third field is imminent with the City of Surrey Mayor reaffirming her commitment to this again last week. This will further support future hosting opportunities, and community growth.

Field Hockey Canada CEO Susan Ahrens thanks the community for showing up in numbers and clubs for all coming round the table for this amazing international opportunity:

“In our Surrey hockey community, we have an incredible group of leaders passionate about the growth and excellence of our sport. I am delighted that an increasing and inclusive group of local clubs are banding together to host this event. Field Hockey Canada would like to thank Panthers Field Hockey, India Club, Dashmesh, Gobind Sarvar, West Coast Kings, Lions and Sikh Games. It is fantastic to work alongside the community leaders from these clubs,” Ahrens said.

Although the tournament is just around the corner, there’s still a chance to be involved. If you’d like to be a sponsor, donor, volunteer or support in any other way, please contact Field Hockey Canada’s event lead Hailey Yhap at

The Field Hockey community will look forward to extending a warm welcome to everyone as you arrive and are part of this event.

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