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U16 Women’s Junior National Team


The U16 Women’s Junior National Team is organized on a year-to-year basis for tours and tournaments as scheduled by Field Hockey Canada High Performance direction. This year, the U16 National Junior Team traveled to the Netherlands for the International Den Bosch tournament from May 27-29, 2023. The U16 Women’s Junior National Team is composed primarily of members of the FHC NextGen system.



The goal of the NextGen Program at Field Hockey Canada is to identify athletes that are 2-8 years away from making a significant contribution on the senior national stage. The FHC Women’s NextGen National Program is a collection of young athletes from across the country.  These players train and compete in their regional training centres located in BC, Alberta, and Ontario. It is from this athlete pool that coaches draw for Junior and Youth international competitions. The NextGen pathway serves as the development pipeline for the Senior Women’s National Team.


Field Hockey Canada is always evaluating and identifying young talent. The talent identification model allows Field Hockey Canada to use different stages of the year to identify and evaluate young talent by way of training camps, tours and talent ID sessions. The long-term development of Canada’s Targeted Athletes is a fundamental priority of this program. Our goal is to provide the best possible experiences for players to realise their potential of representing Canada on the International Stage. View intake opportunities and more information about talent development below.

Talent ID Model | Talent Development Priorities

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